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Every time Leila Love’s mom bought home a Harlequin romance in the grocery bag, she defied lights-out and tucked away beneath her sheets with a flashlight, reading and falling in love with love stories. She has been lovestruck ever since. 

Her appetite for romance novels evolved into contemporary, paranormal, and new adult stories, but she never imagined that her curiosity and early sense of wonder would lead her to becoming a romance author. With a solid career in communications and a few magazine publishing credentials, she was lured into creative writing through children’s literature, earning an MFA in writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

But during a year-long lockdown and nothing but time to explore the possibilities of her writing and to design the creative life she always imagined, she joined a webinar on indie publishing romance novels and the rest is history. 

She found in her exploration of romance writing more than a new fictional genre; she also joined a community of women empowered and empowering others. They are literally the Alicia Keys Girls on Fire anthem–indie, hybrid and traditionally published authors and creatives lifting each other up and spreading love through books. Today, Leila juggles work, family, friendships, and writing. She combines her love of all things romance with her storytelling spirit to sprinkle a little sweet and spice into the lives of other hopeless romantics. 

Her debut contemporary romance novel, Entangled, the first book in the In Paradise series, launched December 2021. Book two in the series launches in Spring 2023.

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