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On the eve of her fairytale wedding, award-winning broadcast journalist Riley St. James flees her fiancé and escapes alone to Bora Bora. She expects a secluded respite—until she goes viral as #RileyOnTheRun and a handsome stranger rescues her from a small swarm of overzealous admirers. 


After a decade of paying his dues in the hotel industry to escape the shadow of his family’s business, Gabriel Laurent is one step away from an executive corner office. But just before he starts his last assignment in Bora Bora, he manages to dodge his father’s disastrous maneuvers only to get sidetracked by the sudden arrival of Riley St. James. 


Sequestered away from the real world, they indulge in a forbidden entanglement. But their pause morphs into a rewind as the past invades their present, and the consequences of their secret forces Riley to face what frightens her most and threatens to upend Gabriel’s carefully crafted existence. 


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Dreaming of a Wild Christmas

Valentina Jones is plotting Christmas chaos. With her professional and personal life is in a tailspin, instead of trying to course correct, she leans in to the merry mayhem. She takes leave without approval to join her friends on a singles ski trip, and haphazardly agrees to help a stranger spy on her cheating boyfriend on that very same trip.


But the best laid schemes can still go awry. When her childhood friend and high school crush, Terrence Richards, reappears after ten years, and Valentina gets roped into managing her group’s activities, she has to resist the pull of her dormant attraction and make moves that force her to evaluate her uninspired life. 


In the chilled air and snowcapped mountains of Vail, Colorado, Valentina navigates speeding recklessly down a proverbial slippery slope, and thawing her anger for the boy next door that got away—taking her heart with him. Will she slide further into chaos, or will she warm up to a new life and a first love?

As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a commission on qualifying purchases.